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📝 Daily Log – Language Definition

While I was traveling I didn't do anything on my projects, but I created a sample file for my language ABLA. The current version on the website is a little different from my sample, because I basically stopped developing the language in the old repository.

The feature set is identical, but there are changes of syntax. There's also better support for parsing other languages inside ABLA. I will share it here eventually, but today I defined the basic structure that I will use to define languages in the current compiler, which Kotlin DSL. And I will need to implement the lexer and parser to be able to parse and switch between languages as I wish.

I look forward to be able to program in this language, but it is far from working, even a basic version.

While I had the old version which compiled a lot of things, and kinda run. I now consider that I need to start it over. That was really the first approach to the language that worked with compile time execution, and I learned quite a few things doing it. I will try to bring those teaching into this one, and improve it.