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📝 Daily Log – SubNot Suspended

It has been quite a few days since I've posted something. I've come to the realization that SubNot is not moving forward right now, so I've put it as a suspended status on the website. I envisioned this journey going in a very different direction, but this is what has been so far. The path travaled has been a really short one in the great scheme of things. It has been 3 months since the start, just a very small part of the path to be traveled.

Since the beginning of traveling, it has been difficult to keep this posts up to date. Sometimes I viewed them as a chore, but I want them to be viewed as a log. A diary of what has been done, the toughts that I had, and the things that I look forward to.

I've decided that the next step for this is building something with even more radical transparency. Going all in on development blogs, that accompany the product. Documenting almost every part of the project with stuggles, and the thoughts that I have when building features. I want it to be built into the product, and the updates to show there.

I think one great step for this would be to setup some really cool Git hooks that allow to take values from the commit messages and automatically write blog posts, tweets, and other pieces of documentation about it.

Heck, I even see that it could become a project in itself in the future. I think it's somethning really cool.