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📝 Daily Log – Travel Reflections

Today has been an amazing and crazy day. I started work early to be able to fly in the afternoon. But yesterday, since I arrived late home I didn't manage to setup the Telegram Tunnel. I tried to do it on the airport as the plane was leaving, but failed because I couldn't install telegram-cli on my Steam Deck, since snap wasn't readily available, and after I installed snap it was giving me some target error. Still I'm writting this from the airplane, and will publish as soon as I get down. Or maybe tomorrow. I can't recall if I missed yesterdays log post of not. This entry might be delayed and backdated to 24 June.

This is actually an amazing setup. Here is a photo as I write this in VS Code.

Steam Deck Airplane Setup
My setup on the airplane writing this post.

I'm going to rock it for a few weeks and see what somes of it. I need to install quite a few things still, and make this setup feel like my computer at home. It's a bit different. Specially this distributino is different from what I use at home. I don't usually use flatpaks, and this doesn't have apt for some reason, so I might need to install that if possible.

Having the time to write long form is amazing. My latest posts have all been very rushed, and without anything really cool behind them. I want to do it, but it has become inscreasingly difficult to do that.

The other week, I was watching a Twitch streamer that mentioned something interesting about people that have many interests. I think I'm one of those people, but sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with stuff that I want to work on, because theres so many different things at the same time that it turns into the proverb of the donkey that dies in the middle because he can't choose between the hay or the water.

That proverb hits home, when I think about all the attempts that I made at different things but never landed anything great yet. There's quite a few different problems with it. It starts with my inability to distribute stuff. I think when I was younger and I participated in different forums it was much easier. I published quite a few silly things. From simple problems to lock your files with encryption (like a safe), to attempts at building a personal assistant controlled by voice. This was back when Microsoft had a speech recognition SDK that was available to use with NET framework '1.something' (iirc).

It has been an amazing journey so far in terms of things that I've learned, I want the next chapters to be just as amazing, and I want to write them possibly with the ability to work for my own (producing products that I sell to other people), which has been the dream since the beginning. I have big dreams in life, and this is the start of those. Let's see where this life takes us.

(this post was only actually put up on 27 june)