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📝 Daily Log – Telegram Tunnel

If you have travelled on some airline that offers free messaging on board. You probably were wishing for more access (or maybe not if you want to be disconnected). But, anyways, I got to thinking a few weeks ago, why not build a way into Telegram which would be able to use Telegram as a tunnel for other internet traffic.

When I landed I discovered that it actually exists. There is a project on GitHub that does IP over Telegram. I was thinking more in line of WireGuard over Telegram for my phone, but this project was great to see something like this working.

The only issue about it was that it uses telegram-cli to connect on both ends. Since I don't have accounts for both ends, I thought I could use a bot for the server end. So I implemented that that yesterday/today, but haven't fully tested end-to-end. The messages seem to work correctly. I just need to fully test it. Something for later today/tomorrow. Will keep you posted.