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Building an MVP every week

📝 Daily Log – New Projects

I found myself thinking about new projects yesterday. Thinking about the progress I've been making on SubNot each day, specially now that I have a full-time job. And thinking if I should make a new project. Work in parallel with SubNot, so if I'm bored from one, I can switch to the other and not force myself to work.

It has its benefits, but also can be challenging. I'm going to have more work to do, and even less time, but I feel like it's another shot at success. Since I've been trying to live by "You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love", I think it embodies it completely. If I'm bored and the project might fail, I might as well do something else. Not that I don't want to do SubNot, but I want to make it the best version possible, and it is going very slowly in that direction.

I'm going to attempt to do 2 days a week, where I focus on a different project. Just completely new thing. While working on SubNot the rest of the days. This might change, but that's the plan right now.

Today I ended up not doing anything actually, because I'm traveling, and tomorrow I'm unsure as well. I'm going to try and do something. See you tomorrow.