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Building an MVP every week

📝 Daily Log – Initial Release

I worked my ass of today to make something for a release today. It is done. I did a realease and going to improve it over the coming days, and weeks. I know the idea of this journey was to do a bunch of projects, but I want to take it slower now, specially since I got a full-time job.

So there will still be daily updates for the project. I will keep building stuff. There's a bunch I want to do. Probably start by improving the Telegram Bots, allowing to edit the details. Also add more channels, which is the purpose of this project.

It was a bit of a struggle today to make something worth releasing. Yesterday there were uncertainties with the implementation of the Telegram bots, but I ended up resolving them, and it turned out to be quite a nice system. I can now interact with different Telegram Bots very easily. This means the website is the webhook endpoint for these different bots, which handle a different set of buttons.

More to come tomorrow. Taking a break from SubNot for the rest of the day, and focusing on something different.

Ah, almost forgot. I pushed the blog post out, without a link. Visit it at