MVP Journey - André Baltazar

Building an MVP every week

📝 Daily Log – Back to grind

I'm back from travelling and ready to grind. Today I only did a minor thing on the project, and it has been mostly a lazy day. I also accepted a new job, so I guess I will be working in a week. I don't know how this journey will continue after that, but I want to try to still make this happen!

It's going to be difficult to do everything but with planning I think I can make it. I think I'm still trying to find what I'm really really good at. I've experimented a lot of things over the years, but abandoned a lot of other things. Programming is my passion from a long time, and it's been very fun journey. I love to build projects, and cool new ideas, but I don't think I've found that idea yet that I want to dedicate multiple years of my life to. As I reflect on that, maybe it is even some of my old projects. They are pretty exciting, but I'm just not sure.

Life is moving forward, and I'm just trying to navigate it. Let's see what I'm going to do tomorrow.