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📝 Daily Log – SubNot: Manage Subscriptions

As I said yesterday, I had worked to manage subscriptions in the browser. It can be seen in the video below.

Example of subscribing to with Browser Notifications, and managing the subscriptions.

It allows to manage the subscriptions of the current browser, and has a button to open Telegram, directly to manage the Telegram subscriptions. It is something necessary to have in the MVP so people can easily unsubscribe.

I've struggled a bit to do stuff today. I woke up very late because I kinda worked late yesterday, and then wasted the majority of the afternoon. It happens.

Even after that struggle, I've managed to do a fair bit of work. I've fixed a couple of bugs, and started to implement the front-end site, like the dashboard, etc. It is all repurposed from my other project which never got any traction, mainly because I just abandoned it.

It had a very nice code base to be repurposed, and I think at the time I had already repurposed it from another site of mine, but I don't know which one. So it was very easy, and fast to build all the login system, etc. It's all in place. I even have payments from Stripe in that website, so I can easily import that. I'm unsure right now if I want to go with Stripe or Paddle.

The Paddle documentation and API is very behind what the Stripe API is. It's not even close. They have what is needed, but the amount of documentation, and other things that the Stripe API does right vs Paddle is crazy. I think I will go with Paddle, but it will probably take me some time to figure out what kind of fields, etc, are needed to save in my local database.

Other than that, I also need to work on the product itself, so basically adding a way to create buttons, and edit some basic properties. That all needs to be in the MVP, although I'm going with something very technical for now, for more advanced features, like the filters. I'm going to just allow JSON configuration for it, which doesn't require me to build a complex UI. Also need to make the APIs better for the developers that use the project, because I cannot be complaining about other people's APIs if mine are not good as well.

There's a lot to do tomorrow. So I hope I can go to bed early (for my definition of early) today, and get a good start tomorrow.