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📝 Daily Log – A life of distractions

I've built my life right now around distractions. I spend a lot of time doing things that do not move this journey forward. From watching YouTube, to reading Twitter. I've spent quite a considerable amount of time on both this week, as well as watching TV shows, and movies.

I keep getting distracted by life, be it a text message, a thought from another unrelated thing, or an impulse to watch/read something on social media. And it keeps me there distracted. I often think about the priorities, and maybe mine are not very aligned with what I want to do in life. I put too much weight on other things, and leave my work (the one that I don't do professionally for other people) in the back of the pile. It doesn't align with what I want to do, but it is what feels right in the moment.

It is a very difficult choice to make, but I think moving forward I should put more priority on the work, and enforce restrictions on the other things. Need to think a little more about it.