MVP Journey - André Baltazar

Building an MVP every week

📝 Daily Log – More progress

It has been quite a good day in terms of programming. I made some amazing progress on it. It now works to move things between lists. It is just missing auto scrolling in case of too many items in the list. I don't know if I'm going to worry with that right now. Here is how it looks:

Moving tasks between 3 lists, and reorganizing them.

Tomorrow I want to add the ability to add new items, as well as, save them somewhere, allowing for the app to actually function. This is going to be just a personal app for now, so I will probably hardcode some API methods into it, and make it work just for me.

The progress is going well, and I'm trying to share the journey on Twitter, semi-successfully. I think the consistency matters, so let's see where this Twitter thing is in a few weeks of months.